Beaufort & Beyond/Natalie Hoye Branding

Natalie wanted a new brand for herself. She works in Real Estate and also runs a local blog about the area around Beaufort Street in Perth WA. Ideally the two needed to look like they are from the same person.

As a professional individual her branding is an extension of her and a ‘signature’ style brand was decided upon. Clean and simple yet professional with some kind of personality. The joy of Natalie’s signature is that when you inverse it, it becomes a calligraphic-style ampersand, and so the logo for two brands from the same stable was born. Simple, effective and on brand, literally!

Keeping a simple neutral grey with punches of orange (one of Natalie’s favourite colour is apricot). The images used for Beaufort & Beyond continually connect back to Natalie’s ‘day job’ and are always grey tones with a punch of colour. The area has many architecturally interesting buildings and heritage colours, but photographed in a simple, graphic manner that matches the cool, new look for Natalie’s brand.